Available in 3 sizes.

Compact Storage
Easy Carry
Rated to 375 lbs.

The most compact, hassle-free, &dependable ladder you'll ever own.

Free Shipping 

Murphy Ladder 7'

Sold Out

Murphy Ladder 9'

Sold out

Murphy Ladder 11'

Sold out

The Perfect Ladder Combo Pack

7' Murphy Ladder + Wall Hanger = $204.99

9' Murphy Ladder + Wall Hanger = $244.99

11' Murphy Ladder + Wall Hanger = $294.99


Incredibly Fast Shipping!

Ordered the 11' with the wall hanger yesterday. It's already shipped.

- Kevin Smith

Perfect for all

I got mine. It's really easy to open, close, and carry. I'm 5' 3" and weigh less than 150 lbs, this ladder is perfect for me!

- Amber Robertson

Used by Firefighters

I use one as a firefighter. They are the perfect tool for any call.

- Brandon Woods


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